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Product Packaging Design Needs To Convey Information

Visual communication for packaging design requires visual information. What is the visual message on the packaging? Text information includes: product name, ad word, capacity, content, taste, introduction, usage, formula, corporate name, etc.; graphic information includes: brand graphics, product images, decorative modeling, quality identification, corporate identification, etc.; additional information includes: color, bar code, etc. so what should we look at for information performance?

What factors should be considered for custom watch boxes

A cute watch case can highlight the top-end nature of the watch and give the customer a different feel. Packing boxes of watch products is also one of the highlights that attract customers when they visit a watch shop. So, what aspects should we consider when customizing the case?

What Are The Styles of Cosmetic Packaging Gift Boxes?

With thousands of products on the market, makeup lovers are continually willing to try different brands, making it increasingly challenging for beauty companies to keep customers sticking to their own brands. As a cosmetics brand, you need to put yourself in the shoes of potential consumers and better understand their needs and tendencies. Cosmetics boxes are the first branding element customers come into contact with, so brands can use them as one of their most powerful marketing tools. If you want to be a different brand, then create a distinct cosmetic box for your product!

What Factors Should Be Considered When Customizing A Jewelry Box

A top-quality jewelry box is best suited for storing some top-notch jewelry for profit. Popular jewelry brands are using the boxes to differentiate themselves from others. So in this article, Shinpai Packaging will tell you some of the things you should consider before customizing your jewelry box, so let's get started.

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