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What Materials Are Portable Paper Bags Made Of?

Paper bags are a modern trend characterized by their unique features and functionality, gaining increasing popularity and attention. Handheld paper bags are 100% recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable, posing minimal threats to the Earth's environment and wildlife. In comparison to plastic bags, re

Take You To Understand The Gift Box Hot Stamping Process

As a special printing technology that does not require ink, hot stamping is environmentally friendly, clean, and is suitable for various materials such as plastics, glass, and paper. It is loved by the public because of its unique surface decoration effect, and its unique surface decoration comes from hot stamping paper.

Cleaning And Maintenance Problems of Various Jewelry Boxes And Corresponding Solutions

How to clean felt in a jewelry box? Use 95% hot water and 5% soap to make a solution (mild detergent, no bleaching or polishing ingredients), then dip a cloth into the solution and gently rub the stained part from the inside out. Stains. The use of solvent cleaners is strictly prohibited. The clean

6 aspects you should consider when customizing your jewelry box

To sum up, there are many aspects to consider when customizing a jewelry box that suits you, including material, size and shape, internal design, color and pattern, detail processing, price and brand reputation, etc. Only by taking these factors into consideration can you choose an exquisite jewelry box that meets your personal needs and preferences.

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