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Cosmoprof Asia—Dongguan Guanlin Packing Box Co., LTD

Dongguan Guanlin Packaging Co., Ltd. was honored to participate in the 26th Cosmoprof Asia recently held in Hong Kong, showcasing our unique and high-end creative gift boxes of cosmetics, fragrances, lipsticks and skincare. This exhibition is a great opportunity for our company to showcase innovative design and superior quality to the world.

What Kind of Jewelry Product Design Can Impress People?

In the highly competitive jewelry market, unique designs are a key factor in attracting customers. So, what kind of jewelry product design can impress people? This article explores this issue and explains how to enhance the appeal of your product through jewelry design and jewelry box design. In addition, choosing the right jewelry box supplier is also one of the keys to success.

Common Features of High-end Gift Boxes

Packaging boxes are one of the best elements for showcasing your product. Even if your product surpasses that of your competitors, improper packaging will cause customers to overlook your product. Fortunately, customizing packaging boxes is not a particularly difficult task. To create high-end gift packaging boxes, we need to understand the common features they share.

What Kind of Ink Is Used To Print Packaging Boxes And Is Environmentally Friendly?

When customizing product packaging boxes, the eco-friendliness of the packaging is highly worth considering. More and more brands aspire for their product packaging not to leave a negative impact on the Earth. Apart from opting for eco-friendly packaging materials, using environmentally friendly ink, such as soy ink, is also an excellent choice. So, what exactly is soy-based ink, and why should we choose it?

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