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Cosmoprof Asia—Dongguan Guanlin Packing Box Co., LTD

Dongguan Guanlin Packaging Co., Ltd. was honored to participate in the 26th Cosmoprof Asia recently held in Hong Kong, showcasing our unique and high-end creative gift boxes of cosmetics, fragrances, lipsticks and skincare. This exhibition is a great opportunity for our company to showcase innovative design and superior quality to the world.

Jewelry Box Design Ideas

Every designer will have a basic framework and conceptual foundation before designing jewelry packaging boxes. It is similar to building a house, which also requires design drawings and foundation construction. For jewelry packaging box design, Deqi shared their These frameworks and concepts will cr

About The History of Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry has been around since the Stone Age, when Neanderthals could cut, polish, and shape any material they liked into valuable ornaments. But just because jewelry has been around for more than 75,000 years doesn't mean jewelry boxes are equally old.Any mention of the first-ever jewelry box is lik

The Design Value of Gift Boxes

When many people buy gift boxes, they make them according to the original gift box packaging and printing, or even do not formulate a suitable external design of the gift box packaging according to the characteristics of the product. This is the shortcoming of the gift box packaging, and the value of the appearance design of the gift box Mainly reflected in

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