4 Factors Affecting The Design of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes
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4 Factors Affecting The Design of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

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Cosmetic packaging box design

  Each company works to design distinct product boxes that make their products stand out on store shelves. However, there are some industries that seem to be more careful than others when it comes to the design of their product packaging, and that is the cosmetics industry. A recent study values the beauty industry at about $532 billion. In other words, the cosmetics industry is extremely competitive that the only chance to stand out from the crowd is in your makeup box. To make your cosmetic packaging box stand out from the competition, here we take a look at these factors that influence the design of cosmetic packaging.

Current trend

  All products in the cosmetics industry are designed to make people look better, and the packaging of cosmetics is the best opportunity to showcase the fashion of the product. Now, the design trend for cosmetic boxes is getting a bit fuzzy, as the two trends that will be in vogue in 2020 are diametrically opposed: minimalism and luxury.. For numerous skin care companies, they want their packaging to be extremely simple and modern. On the other hand, some makeup companies may want the products they use to come in extremely luxurious, over-the-top packaging. In other words, you have to understand what your product has to offer, as well as your customer, and cater to their preferences.

Brand image

  Every cosmetics brand is different and they should use their ingenuity to their advantage. There is no brand that does not want to get more loyal customers, and the average customer becomes loyal by first identifying with your brand image and brand story, which is also the charm of brand image. Your brand image is your main competitive advantage, as is the story and unique point of view that your competitors cannot replicate.

User experience

  Your customers should constantly have an extraordinary experience with your product, which includes the product itself, but also the unpacking experience and convenience of the cosmetic case. One factor that numerous customers generally consider when choosing a cosmetic product is its protective properties. Dropping or exposing makeup to water can damage it. There should be some kind of locking mechanism on your gift box to keep the product safe.

Environmental awareness

  In recent years, customers have been thinking more about the environmental protection of cosmetic packaging boxes before choosing cosmetics. In fact, we can learn from the retail market that environmentally friendly packaging design has become a trend in most industries except the cosmetics industry. This includes using recycled materials and minimising packaging waste.

  Whether your brand has been tinkering with packaging or has been using the same cosmetic box since the brand was founded. We should all align our product packaging with current trends while remaining true to brand image, customer experience and environmental awareness.

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