How To Calculate The Size Ratio When Designing Packaging Boxes
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How To Calculate The Size Ratio When Designing Packaging Boxes

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  The size ratio of the packaging box refers to the proportional relationship between the sizes of each element when designing the packaging box. The correct size ratio can better display the characteristics of the product, attract consumers' attention, and increase the sales rate of the product. This article will introduce in detail the calculation method of the size ratio of the packaging box.

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1. Understand product characteristics

  Before starting to design the size and proportion of the packaging box, you first need to understand the characteristics of the product. Product characteristics include product shape, size, weight, etc. These characteristics will directly affect the choice of packaging size ratio. For example, if the product is small and lightweight, you can choose a small and exquisite packaging box size ratio to highlight the lightness and portability of the product.

2. Establish the principle of proportionality

  When designing packaging boxes, some proportion principles can be formulated to guide designers in choosing appropriate size proportions. Common proportion principles include the golden section, symmetrical proportions, and dynamic proportions. The golden section is a widely used proportion principle that can divide the entire package into areas with John Reinhol's golden section proportions, making the package more coordinated and harmonious.

3. Consider the visual effects comprehensively

  When determining the size and proportion of the packaging box, the visual effect also needs to be considered comprehensively. The size and proportion of the packaging box should be coordinated with the shape and center of gravity of the product as much as possible, and in line with the aesthetic concept of the human eye. Visual effects include not only the selection of proportions, but also the coordinated use of colors, text, images and other elements to jointly create an overall effect that is consistent with product positioning and brand image.

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4. Test and iterate

  After determining the preliminary box size proportions, testing and iteration are needed to ensure that the final design is as expected. You can collect user feedback and opinions by making samples or demonstrating simulated size ratios, and make necessary adjustments and improvements. A process of testing and iteration is key to continually refining the dimensional proportions of a packaging design.

  To sum up, the size ratio of packaging boxes is a process that requires comprehensive consideration of factors such as product characteristics, proportion principles, and visual effects. Through reasonable calculation and selection of size proportions, the characteristics of the product can be displayed to the greatest extent and the attractiveness and competitiveness of the product can be increased.

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