White Elegant Leather Jewelry Box
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White Elegant Leather Jewelry Box

Product name: white pu jewelry box
Material: pu leather + imitation leather lining + rubber embryo
Color: white, support customization
Size: 58*58*43mm, 70*82*30mm, 80*80*40mm, 100*100*50mm, 90*90*72mm, 180*65*50mm, 190*190*34mm
Design: box body sewing process
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  • 115

  • Beilin

  • BL-JB-115

                                                                                Custom details
Customizable Products
Jewelry Box / Jewelry Pouch / Jewelry Display / Paper Bag / Greeting Card / 
Custom -1
1.Customizable paper jewelry boxes, plastic jewelry boxes, wooden jewelry boxes, metal jewelry boxes, LED jewelry boxes and other jewelry boxes.
2.Customizable various jewelry pouch including microfiber jewelry bags, velvet jewelry pouch, storage bags and other storage bags.
3.Customizable Various types of jewelry store jewelry display.
4.Customizable all kinds of paper bag.
5.Customizable greeting cards.
6.Customizable silver polishing cloth and so on.
Provide one-stop design, customization, production, and procurement services for jewelry accessories such as jewelry boxes, jewelry bags, jewelry display , paper bag, greeting cards, and silver polishing cloth in jewelry stores, saving you from running around to find different products. Save you a lot of money and time.
Custom -2
1.You can customize your private label, custom Logo
2.Can customize the shape you want
3.Customizable size
4.Customizable materials include paper, PU leather, flannelette, 5.microfiber and other materials
6.Various colors can be customized
7.Can be customized by drawing
8.Can come to sample customization
9.Accept OEM/ODM
Can be customized according to your preferences and ideas
Prices range from 0.01usd - 500usd, depending on factors such as product category, specification and quantity. For example, if your quantity is large, you can even get a price of 0.01/pcs.
Of course, if you need ultra-high-end luxury goods such as ultra-high-end jewelry display props, we can also customize the highest-end luxury goods for you according to your needs. In short, the price is calculated according to your needs, quantity, customization difficulty, etc., you can contact our staff immediately to get a quotation for the customized solution

white leather jewelry box

white jewelry box2 (1)

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white jewelry box(1)



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