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Do you know the types of jewelry boxes

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velvet jewelry box

  Jewelry is a favorite of many girls and is one of the options for gifts. Most people look at fine jewelry, whether for themselves or someone else. For the partners in Korn/Ferry's packaging team, it's more about understanding jewelry boxes. However, there are still many people who do not know the type of jewelry box. Today, Guan Lin Xiaobian has put together some information to let you know more about the types of jewelry boxes.

1. Paper Jewelry Box

  Currently, cardboard boxes on the market are generally made of cardboard and wrapped in a layer of laminating paper. Laminated paper is in general a strong plastic double copper paper. This type of box is relatively inexpensive and is used more often in general silver jewelry stores. Of course, some of the taller paper jewelry boxes will also be seen in jewelry stores. As a packing-box manufacturer.

2. Flinging A Jewel-Case

  The lock box is plastic as the main structure, with a flocked surface that looks prettier but is also relatively light....   Flock boxes cost more than paper boxes.....  It is commonly used in silver jewellery, gold, etc.

3, The Gum Jewelry Box.

  This kind of jewelry box is generally used in injection molding, mass production of mold, generally tens of thousands of demand, mostly based on flocking, there is also pasting treatment, this material of jewelry box price is the lowest, the grade is relatively not very low, is currently the first choice of most jewelers.


4. Wooden Jewelry Box

  Solid wood jewelry boxes are relatively high-end jewelry packaging, generally with solid wood as the primary material and spray-painted finishes. Many companies use solid wood jewelry boxes for exports to foreign countries. The batches are not large, but the production cycle is long and the price is expensive.

5. Glass Jewelry Box

  Made of plexiglass, it is not easily broken, is resistant to wear and tear, and is resistant to corrosion..The combination of glass jewel boxes and fashion elements gives The Times a strong sense of place and a modern vibe..This type of box is typically used in high-end jewelry packaging..This material jewelry box is often paired with some flowers or green plants during use, which looks natural and gives the impression of sticking to the ground and making one feel immortal.

6.PU Leather Jewelry Box

  A PU leather jewelry case is a stylish and functional accessory for storing and organizing jewelry. PU stands for "polyurethane," and it is a synthetic material that closely resembles genuine leather in terms of appearance and texture.PU leather is a popular choice for jewelry boxes because it is durable, easy to clean and affordable. It is also more environmentally friendly than genuine leather, as it is typically made from synthetic materials.

These are the six types of jewelry boxes. Do you understand?

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