What Is The Process of Product Packaging Design?
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What Is The Process of Product Packaging Design?

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   Product packaging design should be positioned by fully considering both the product and consumer factors. Only by clarifying this positioning can a comprehensive plan be developed that aligns with product development and packaging design. To pinpoint the impact of the product on the market culture and transform the accuracy of positioning into an image, several key points need to be emphasized.

1. Highlight the Product's Essence

1.1 Conveying Product Culture and Spirit

  In packaging image design, the starting point must be the transmission of the company's product culture and spirit, rather than merely aesthetic graphics. Packaging should not be done just for the sake of packaging. Before designing, designers must conduct detailed analysis, comparison, and selection of the product's features to extract and reflect the unique and essential characteristics of the product. Otherwise, the product positioning will appear mundane and lack distinctiveness.

1.2 Unity of Product and Packaging Form

  Designers in packaging design companies have diverse design ideas. They can interpret and imagine images from traditional or antique concepts or highlight the product's intrinsic functions through expressive applications. By emphasizing the product's characteristics, designers can spark consumers' imaginations about the product and integrate the product's intrinsic qualities into the culture of established brands to reflect the unique features of different products.

1.3 Avoid Simple Collage and Combination

  Designers should avoid merely flipping through materials and combining them in a patchwork manner during design. Established brand products cannot rely solely on the simple combination of images, texts, and colors to reflect their value. A thorough analysis of the product's structure and characteristics is necessary to avoid packaging that lacks personality and high brand value, which can hinder product sales. The design ideas of packaging design companies should handle image combinations in a way that reflects the product's intrinsic cultural information.

2. Analysis of Commonality and Individuality

2.1 Addressing Design Challenges

  Designers often face various challenges, such as the practicality of packaging, customer acceptance, and market recognition. To address these challenges correctly, designers need to understand the commonality and individuality relationships between packaging and the market. This relationship is reflected in the generalization and distinctiveness of the packaging image. There is a conditional and dialectical causal relationship between packaging and the market. Designers need to recognize the product image and imaginatively express the packaging design concept.

2.2 Consumer Perception

  Consumers often use the packaging form for emotional recognition of the company's products. Whether the packaging form is easily accepted and reinforces impression adjustment depends on the clarity of the packaging form and image personality. People tend to generate commonality based on conventional forms, reflecting the fundamental laws of human visual experience. Packaging image design can transform a product into a commodity, especially emphasizing packaging image for established brands to highlight their individual characteristics.

3. Design Principles

3.1 Clarity in Intent and Planning

  To ensure the initial intention and planning are clear during the design conception and improvement process, designers need to understand these issues correctly. As society progresses and people's lives continuously improve, Packaging design companies not only represent an expression of the company's products but must also keep pace with the times. Many companies overlook this crucial point, focusing only on branding while neglecting product development and packaging improvement. This oversight can lead to difficulties in expanding the product market.


  By understanding these principles and considerations, companies can better position their product packaging design, ensuring it resonates with both the product's essence and consumer expectations, thereby effectively opening up the market.

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