Top 10 cosmetic packaging design trends in 2024
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Top 10 cosmetic packaging design trends in 2024

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  At present, from the general direction, there is still a certain gap between the existing packaging and the requirements of consumers: 44.66% of consumers believe that the personal care cosmetics packaging on the market has no characteristics; 38.83% of consumers hope that the packaging can be creative; 64.08% of consumers hope that the personal care cosmetics packaging can be fashionable. It can be seen that there is still a lot of room for innovation in personal care cosmetics packaging.

1. Brand style

  Packaging can express the brand style without words. We need to use the right packaging to tell the story of the brand. The packaging design must first highlight the brand of the product, and convey it to consumers with a unified image on the packaging, so that consumers can naturally accept and recognize the brand unconsciously, which plays a vital role in the sales of the product. For example, through color, shape, abstract graphics, packaging materials, text and other means to reflect the positioning and uniqueness of the product. 

2. Unique personality

  For cosmetics with strong contemporary characteristics, the impression of personality is a very important psychological factor. Through specific packaging design, consumers can feel that this product is tailor-made for me, increase consumers' stickiness to the product, and become loyal fans of the product. The high-end customization market has broad prospects. Now "personalization" is no longer only found in luxury goods. The digital age has quietly arrived. Digital printing equipment allows "mass personalization" to be realized, and pre-set customized packaging is even simpler and easier.

3. Minimalist style

  Nowadays, packaging is increasingly tending to be minimalist, and the fonts of products and packaging rarely use fancy designs. This is a trend. The clever use of black, white and gray colors can give people a more stable and high-end sense of quality. In addition, packaging must have a deeper cultural connotation. Appropriately integrating traditional culture into packaging design to achieve a highly unified state of form and connotation will make the packaging design more stylish and distinctive.

4. Contact experience

  The quality of packaging is linked to quality, which is the usual purchasing psychology of consumers. When designing, we should try to choose packaging materials with good contact experience. When consumers pick up the product, this texture is really printed in the hearts of customers. Cosmetic packaging is a kind of packaging that we will pick up and experience when we use the product. Its contact experience is more important to consumers than packaging that is immediately discarded after unpacking.

5. Exquisite packaging

  As consumers pay more attention to the quality of life, they hope that cosmetics can always stay fresh during use; at the same time, busy life has increased the frequency of business trips, and convenient cosmetics are loved by white-collar beauties. It has become a trend that the volume of cosmetic packaging is getting smaller and smaller. At the same time, with the increase in the number of cosmetic categories, consumers have more and more choices, and the packaging will become more and more exquisite.

6. Opening experience

  The first experience of consumers using products must be the opening experience of the packaging. No matter how much money is spent on the product, if the opening experience is very poor, the impression score of consumers will be greatly reduced, and they will lose trust in the brand. For example, when we receive an online shopping express package, we are full of expectations. If it is very difficult to open the express package or product packaging, the opening experience will be very bad, and we will feel that the product has lowered its grade. When this happens, it can be said that the brand has lost half of its customers. How to ensure that the unboxing experience meets the psychological expectations of consumers is the key to improving consumer experience.

7. Smart trend

  Smart packaging uses innovative technologies to provide more protection for products in terms of brand protection, activity monitoring, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, and gives packaging more and more functions. In the intelligent packaging of cosmetics, AR technology is being used by major brands to improve user experience, stimulate product sales, and enhance the fun and interactivity of products. In addition, Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing are gradually penetrating into the cosmetics industry, and manipulators, robots and visual systems are beginning to be used in cosmetics production. In the future, packaging equipment will be more flexible and adaptable. As combinability and multi-tasking become new trends in packaging production, intelligence and sustainable development should also be considered.

8. Green Environmental Protection

  At present, a large amount of plastic packaging waste is polluting the environment, causing great burdens on humans and even animals and plants. We should strive to reduce excess packaging, select guaranteed green and environmentally friendly materials from raw materials, ensure that packaging is as sustainable and recyclable as possible, convey the concept of environmental protection to consumers, reduce the burden on the earth, reduce haze, and make the earth's home better. At the same time, sustainability must not be at the expense of consumer experience, and excellent sustainable solutions must improve consumer experience.

9. Technological Innovation

  From the perspective of packaging industry standards, in addition to using some relatively low-cost materials, the more important way to reduce costs is to develop new technologies to control packaging costs while ensuring product safety. More and more cosmetic containers choose to use 3D printing technology, which can quickly generate and optimize design prototypes, get instant consumer feedback, and greatly shorten the development cycle. The Internet has stimulated a "personal-centered" consumption model. The integration of online and offline reflects the concept of "people-oriented". When brands are conducting a new round of traffic layout, production technology located in the rear becomes more important.

10. Channel Experience

  Personal care cosmetics packaging needs to adopt different packaging solutions according to different usage scenarios to give consumers a better experience. With the continuous changes in the retail industry landscape, consumers want a seamless and intuitive scene experience that makes buying products faster, easier and more enjoyable. Whether it is online purchase, in-store purchase or comprehensive consideration, the e-commerce packaging experience must meet consumers' expectations for in-store purchases. Packaging solutions need to adapt to different channels, but at the same time provide consumers with a unified, high-quality brand experience.

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