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Product Packaging Design Needs To Convey Information

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Product packaging design

  Visual communication for packaging design requires visual information. What is the visual message on the packaging? Text information includes: product name, ad word, capacity, content, taste, introduction, usage, formula, corporate name, etc.;  graphic information includes: brand graphics, product images, decorative modeling, quality identification, corporate identification, etc.;   additional information includes: color, bar code, etc.  so what should we look at for information performance?

1. The information indicates the location determination.

  General packing modeling has multiple perspectives or faces, and the information representation in packing modeling will be placed in different locations. Common hexahedral boxes can be divided into a main face, back, bottom, top, left and right sides..The primary display surface is typically located on the vertical surface below the lid opening..Product names, brand graphics, product pictures, web content and additional information are typically located in the main exhibition area, while additional information is distributed in the back or on the sides..There is little information on the top or bottom surfaces, and no text information.

2. Performance sequence

  Under normal circumstances, the reading order of product packaging design information is: product name, product pictures, brand graphics, network content, company name, etc., but occasionally the visual order can be adjusted according to the need to: color, product name, product pictures, brand graphics, network content, etc., the visual order may also be: Product pictures, product names, brand graphics, network content, etc., need to be improved according to the strategy of packaging form positioning.

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