The trend of jewelry boxes
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The trend of jewelry boxes

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  Because of the increasing competition in the market, companies have transformed jewellery boxes from ordinary packaging boxes into an essential part of product marketing and branding. Packaging has definitely become a huge selling point in jewelry sales. Jewelry boxes not only provide the best protection for the product, but also reflect the brand's image. Adding specific extras with a brand identity when customizing jewelry boxes will better position your product in a competitive market. The trend of custom jewellery boxes is changing as jewellery brands focus on jewellery boxes, such as:

Octagon jewelry box


  Most jewelry boxes on the market are essentially drab and can only hold one type of jewelry. For jewelry lovers, once the jewelry is overly large, finding it is extremely inconvenient when wearing it, which can easily lead to some jewelry being slowly ignored or even lost. The multi-function jewelry box can hold different types of jewelry and can also receive multiple types of similar jewelry, allowing customers to match their jewelry based on the day's wear for a better fit.

Octagon watch case


  The material of the jewelry box is one of the essential elements that reflects the value of the product on the side. The most classic packaging material on the market may not be velvet or leather. Because velvet and leather both look and feel supremely top-notch, it fits ideally with the image of jewelry as elegant, costly and luxurious. Currently, numerous brands are gradually replacing some of their non-environmentally friendly jewelry boxes with extremely eco-friendly paper-wrapped boxes, as customers become more concerned about the planet's environment.

Drawer jewelry box


  The most obvious trend in jewelry boxes is for brands to use a certain color in their boxes. For some well-known jewelry brands, most of the colors in their boxes are their brand colors. For some fashion brands, their choice of colour for jewelry boxes will be extra bold. For example, using colors that were popular that year, or using different colors for different styles of jewelry.

Clamshell clear jewelry box

  The ultimate goal of the jewelry box trend is to better reflect the brand, product characteristics and better serve customers. Now, both established and emerging jewelry brands are merely following the trend of product packaging to create a consensus shopping experience for their customers.

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