What Are The Characteristics of Linen Jewelry Bags?
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What Are The Characteristics of Linen Jewelry Bags?

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  Using cotton yarn as raw material, we employ cotton and linen bags as woven fabrics. Designers develop and derive different work quality standards, post-processing techniques, and treatment methods based on various breeds, as required by different enterprises for technical analysis. The idea of cotton is extremely broad, and it may be said that the raw material of any business is made of cotton yarn fabric, which may be called cotton. From the point of view of daily life, however, it is commonly believed that cotton is made of a single strand of fine cotton yarn, soft, hygienic, breathable, and warm, but with the disadvantage that it is liable to shrink and wrinkle. There are numerous kinds of cotton and linen, such as plain cloth, poplin, hessian, twill, tweed, velvet, corduroy, etc. Cotton and linen clothes are a necessity in the daily study and life of people, and are widely studied and used in Chinese clothing, bedding, interior goods, interior design, decoration, packaging, industrial, medical, military, and other administrative aspects.


1. Flax for cotton and hemp bags is a spread made from various different hemp plants, such as flax, ramie, jute, sisal, banana, etc. Linen made primarily from product market development research has essential extremely breathable and refreshing, soft, safe and pleasant washable, sun-resistant, anti-corrosive, antibacterial properties.  Generally, it can be used to make casual wear, work wear, can also be used to design and produce enterprise environmental protection product packaging, fashion handbags, craft as gifts, food and exquisite little sacks, pet medical supplies, craft painting and calligraphy, architectural engineering decoration, shop decoration, hardware packaging bags, environmental protection materials products, craft shoes and hats, exquisite tags, foreign ship supplies.

2, it has the advantages of high intensity, moisture absorption, heat conduction and excellent air permeability. In washing cotton bags, do not use boiling water, but warm or cold;;  use a system of cleaning agents, do not soak for a lengthy time, only a short time after gently kneading the wash, and linen cloth should be washed in a timely manner, and not left together for a lengthy time to fade.   do not wash with any additional cotton.

3.  -A flat surface to work upon, which cannot be twisted, and which will fold, and which cannot be exposed directly to the sun, will have some discolouration, which will be picked up in time after drying.  Avoid pressing cotton-linen bags at excessively elevated temperatures, as it can lead to the destruction of the internal structure and cause damage to the fabric. It is best to cover it with a white cloth when ironing, so that you can maintain the bright color.

linner jewelry bag

4, washing to distinguish between different colors, washing we have developed some non-fading black linen, you can add a little espresso or coffee in the water, so that out of the solid light of linen, such as colored cotton sacks, after cleaning, you can add two cups of beer in the washing water, so that the faded linen is bright as fresh. The disadvantage is that it is not pleasant to wear, and has a rough, stiff appearance.

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