Customization of gift packaging box production needs attention
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Customization of gift packaging box production needs attention

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Portable gift box

  While a decent quality box can last a lengthy time, it is excellent for gift wrapping to see the texture, and numerous companies also consider custom-making gift boxes to meet the company's gift or commodity packaging needs. However, there are still numerous points that should be noted in the production customization of packing boxes.

First, define your purpose.

  To understand what type of gift box is your gift box, is used for their own goods packaging gifts, or for the market sales of products, this is still different, in addition to what type of packaging you are used for, such as food, tea, clothing bags, jewelry, drinks, etc., this needs to choose the appropriate packaging box style according to the nature of the product.

Second, identify the material you want.

  When gift wrapping boxes are customized, the customer needs to determine what material you want. Examples are wood materials, plastic, or iron, acrylic types. There are numerous sub-divisions of materials, but according to the market, most users are using additional paper, which is abundant and diverse in printing properties but also conducive to environmental reuse and can be widely used in the packaging sector.  However, even when paper materials are used, there are subdivisions, paper is thin and thick, and the types are differentiated depending on how the user considers it.

Thirdly, to determine the performance of the gift-box

 This refers to that you need to determine how the paper packaging box wants to be presented, which needs to be determined by the designer, put the graphics and styles you want in, how to show, the designer according to your idea of the final design of the appropriate program, and then in the production of plate makers and paper developers need to carefully grasp these steps to avoid finished product quality problems.

  Gift box production customization is not particularly simple.  From the beginning of communication, design, to determine the pattern, and then to the production of customization, the whole process is ring tight, especially in the later production and production is to do each step nicely, the process needs to be exquisite, otherwise the output of the finished product has defects, destroying the overall beauty and quality.

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