Use Die-cutting Technology Like This To Make Your Packaging More Outstanding
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Use Die-cutting Technology Like This To Make Your Packaging More Outstanding

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  As consumers' aesthetic requirements for packaging increase, through clever design and process coordination, packaging has become a powerful tool for brand communication and has become the choice of more brands. Die-cutting technology is a popular manufacturing process in the packaging industry. Through the cooperation of die-cutting patterns and designs, telling brand stories and enhancing consumer experience has also become one of the core methods of current packaging innovation. Reasonable and clever application of die-cutting technology can not only highlight brand characteristics and show the core selling points of products, but also bring consumers a different visual experience.

  Today, the editor will share with you several packaging cases where die-cutting technology is very cleverly used, hoping to inspire everyone when innovating packaging.

1.Maruyama Coffee Packaging—by Miye Suwa

  This packaging is specially designed for the new series of coffee bags of Maruyama Coffee. This packaging perfectly matches the die-cutting technology with the design, complementing each other, and displays bright and colorful patterns through circular and triangular die-cut windows. The circle and triangle represent "Maru" and "Mountain", which means "maru" and "yama" in Japanese.


  The graphics on the bags are basically designed based on coffee beans, showing the unique image of each flavor. The simple vertical lines on the blended coffee bag represent the cracks of the beans, and when the bag is placed in the gray box, it looks like a coffee bean through the circular window in the lower left corner.


  The ○△○ colors on the cover of the booklet show the color changes of coffee beans as they mature.

2. Spongegr Sponge Packaging—Source: Xiaohongshu


  The design principle of this packaging is the three-dimensional projection of the natural environment of the sponge and the visualization of its main characteristics. The packaging consists of a square box with 3 openings on each side. In the same die-cut of the box, another die-cut with specific folds and holes is constructed to show the overall product ecological and organic concept.


3.Dalang Toy Packaging—Source: Xiaohongshu

  The brand "Dalang" abandons the traditional gender- or work-related meanings of "doljabi" (probably a reference to Korea's "돌jabi," the baby's first birthday celebration), and instead hopes to bring good luck to children, expressed through five items that symbolize bravery, health and longevity, innocence, happiness, and versatility.


  The three key words of the "Dalang" brand are: blessing the child's first beginning, pure and clean, and modern reinterpretation. The brand also set the slogan "For your first birthday" to convey the brand concept more intuitively and touch the hearts of users.


  In terms of packaging design, the die-cutting process is combined with the rotating box structure to provide consumers with a more interactive shopping experience. With each rotation, an item can be seen through the die-cut circular hole, bringing different blessings.


  A successful packaging work must be a perfect combination of design, structure and craftsmanship. The die-cutting process provides a variety of designs and shapes for packaging products through precise physical cutting technology, thereby meeting the packaging needs of different products. How to perfectly match design and craftsmanship to achieve accurate and vivid communication of the core concept of packaging is the key to packaging innovation.

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