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About The History of Jewelry Boxes

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  Jewelry has been around since the Stone Age, when Neanderthals could cut, polish, and shape any material they liked into valuable ornaments. But just because jewelry has been around for more than 75,000 years doesn't mean jewelry boxes are equally old.Any mention of the first-ever jewelry box is likely to be controversial, as it is not easily available. However, we can assume that as humans evolved, not only did precious jewelry appear, but so did the tools and skills to make jewelry boxes.

  No matter who first invented these boxes, throughout history, jewelry boxes or coffins have always been regarded as miniature treasure chests. Originally commissioned by royalty and nobility, the jewel box was designed and handmade by skilled artisans using silver, gold and sometimes even ivory.We put a lot of time and effort into making these historical guardians, making them perfect and making sure they are worth more than the jewels inside. However, over time, the emotions and values behind these boxes have been lost; Becoming more of a fashion purchase than a valuable family heirloom. To rediscover the passionate and fascinating history surrounding these mini treasure chests, here is the return of the jewel box.

  Henry Tudor, a 16th-century royal, excelled at luring potential love interests with gifts. From the display to the grand unveiling, artisans will work tirelessly, not only on the jewelry, but also on the box. Focus on every detail to capture the king's wishes.For the most part, the box, like the Nuremberg jewelry boxes, is made of carefully machined metal. Gemstone boxes with velvet or leather lining will be used as airtight containers to protect gemstones from the dirt and grime of the palace.

  In the 18th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria, a kind of box closely related to the coffin appeared - jewelry box. As curiosity prevailed, the Victorians embraced these tiny storage boxes, decorated with children's figures, flowers, etc., and displayed on mantelpieces.Miniature replicas of household furniture, such as cabinets and desks, were also produced later in this period. Not to be confused with Marie Antoinette's jewelry armory, which is actually large enough to hold a large amount of jewelry.

  In the late 19th century, music jewelry boxes were all the rage. Originally invented by Swiss watchmaker Antoine Favre in 1502, the music box was later evolved and reinvented by another Swiss watchmaker, Charles Reuge, in 1865 to accommodate jewelry.Originally, jewelry boxes were only made for royalty and the upper class, but due to mass production during the Industrial Revolution, jewelry boxes also began to enter the middle class.

  Nowadays, jewelry boxes seem to come in all shapes and sizes and may have lost their value as treasure chests. But it's time for us to change the way we think about them, take them out of the corners of our wardrobes and make them guardians of history once again.

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