Environmentally Friendly Craftsmanship of Jewelry Boxes
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Environmentally Friendly Craftsmanship of Jewelry Boxes

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Eco-friendly jewelry box

  When it comes to eco-friendly premium packaging, there are numerous techniques and ways to make jewelry boxes more eco-friendly. A genuinely brand-friendly jewelry packaging concept needs to be not only environmentally friendly, but also attractive from a visual design perspective. Of course, this can be easier said than done, but here we share a few eco-friendly ideas to help you customize your eco-friendly jewelry box.

1. Choose eco-friendly materials

  In numerous traditional jewelry boxes, plastic is frequently used as the body material of the box. However, the plastic is difficult to sort when it is recycled and cannot be cut naturally, creating toxic fumes when it burns..Thus plastic boxes are not the most perfect material for jewelry packaging..It is perfect to use cardboard-like grayboards instead of plastic, most grayboards on the market are made from recycled paper and the grayboards themselves are recyclable..In addition, the pressure resistance and protection capabilities of the gray plate are extremely strong, and it can be a great alternative to plastic materials.

2. Choose eco-friendly packaging technology.

  You can also use an environmentally friendly packaging process when you are preparing to customize a jewelry box in the selection of its packaging production process. For example, the use of the UV process, since the UV process in volatilization without the use of organic solvents allows all the components to be cured into a film, is very environmentally and operator friendly.  Second, using eco-friendly ink to print jewelry box designs is also a good option.  Also, the embossing and embossing process can add to the artistic feel of the jewelry box without burdening the environment.

3. Reduce the materials used in jewellery boxes

  Have you ever wanted to reduce the amount of material used in your jewelry box while still making it safe and attractive??  By increasing the number of well-designed jewellery boxes, it is possible to reduce the total demand for cardboard. Of course, using generic jewelry boxes that do not fit your design concept will most likely waste space in the box. Customizing the jewelry box reduces the waste of space inside the box, thereby decreasing the amount of material required for packaging.

Upgrading your regular jewelry box into an eco-friendly packaging box is not only a responsible performance for the environment and your customers..  Secondly, it can also create a positive image of environmental protection and friendliness for the brand.

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