How To Upgrade And Update Your Jewelry Box
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How To Upgrade And Update Your Jewelry Box

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  For many of us, jewelry plays an essential role in defining our identity, and with that in mind, it's easy to understand the importance of keeping jewelry in a jewelry box when not in use. Unfortunately, jewelry boxes tend to age over time and eventually need to be replaced or upgraded. If it's been a while since you replaced your jewelry case, you've most likely noticed some issues that indicate an upgrade is needed. Here are three signs that you need to upgrade your jewelry box.

1. The compartment type is incorrect.

  Most gift boxes come with compartments of different sizes and shapes where you can place different types of jewelry. As your collection grows, you may need to store additional types of jewelry in your jewelry box, which means the space in each compartment may no longer be sufficient to store all of your items.If you try to force jewelry into these compartments, you may cause your items to get tangled, especially bracelets and necklaces. Separating the intertwined jewels can be a headache, and you may break the fragile chain. Replacing costly chains is a lot more costly than buying a jewelry box with proper compartments.

2. Internal/external wear


  After years of repeated use, even the best boxes can wear out. Wooden jewelry boxes may become soft and crack over time. Jewelry cases with leather upholstery may tear and start to fall out.. The movement of the jewelry can wear down the inner layers of the jewelry box, causing the seams that hold it together to crack.Any such damage could compromise the safety of your jewelry. Some issues can even entirely ruin the usability of the jewelry box. If you find that your jewelry box is starting to wear out, it may be time to consider getting a fresh one.

3. Not enough space

  It's a great thing to have a huge jewelry collection..  There's nothing wrong with buying a fresh ring or pendant to add to your growing collection.  Simply buy it when you fall in love with a piece, but storing a growing collection in the same antique jewelry box you've been using for years can be a problem.It is essential that each item has sufficient space when stored. Bracelets must be kept away from necklaces and rings must be prevented from bumping into each other to avoid damage. There will come a time when all the space is taken up, but you still need to store your current jewelry. When this is the case, you will need to purchase an additional jewelry box or a larger jewelry box.

  If the safety of your jewelry is critical to you, then a proper jewelry pack is essential. A proper jewelry box will provide adequate space and compartments to store your jewelry without any internal or external damage, which will bring certain benefits to your jewelry collection.

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