The development of jewelry boxes
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The development of jewelry boxes

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Cajas de joyería

  Since the concept of "jewelry box" was first proposed in ancient Egypt, jewelry boxes have had a variety of appearances and forms, but traditionally, any container that can be used to store jewelry and jewelry-related precious items can be considered a jewelry box. No matter how different the appearance and form of the boxes are, their purpose is the same, but the user's perception of the jewelry box will be different.

  The storage of jewellery has always been highly crucial for jewellery lovers, but the earliest jewellery boxes were primarily used to hold valuable items rather than to ensure the quality of the jewellery.

  Jewelry boxes were widely used by ancient Egyptians as early as 5000 BC. Because most Egyptians, men and women, young and old, wear jewelry. The favorite jewel of the ancient Egyptians was gold, which was often paired with various precious stones. Therefore, a large sufficient quantity is required to protect the security of the jewel case.

  In Rome, jewelry was a status symbol. For example, only individuals who have reached a certain level are allowed to wear rings, brooches and other jewelry.


  Before the Victorian era, jewellery was a rare luxury item, and the possession of sufficient jewellery, and the need to store it, was a privilege reserved for a few members of the royal family and elevated society.


  Fine jewellery became increasingly popular after the Industrial Revolution, as the cost was reduced once stones, metals, etc., could be cut mechanically.  As a result, jewelry is also owned by more and more people, and the demand for jewelry boxes is growing stronger and stronger.. Trinkets were becoming increasingly popular at this time, so jewelry boxes at this time were considerably smaller than traditional jewelry boxes.

  In modern times, typically valuable jewellery is stored in a safe or in a special room..As a result, modern jewelry boxes seldom have insurance facilities, and their main function is to protect jewelry from scratches and oxidation during transportation or storage. Although the numerous gemstones are very tough and do not oxidize, there are some jewels, such as amethyst, jade, etc. If exposed to direct sunlight or elevated temperatures for an extended period of time, it can easily depreciate the jewelry.

  For jewellery collections, jewellery boxes provide a more attractive way to protect the quality of the jewellery, as well as being useful for general storage. In short, the more valuable your jewelry is, the more you need a jewelry box.



  Jewelry Boxes From the Ancient Egyptian period to modern times, the development and demand of such jewelry has changed continuously.. However, no matter how the jewellery box's appearance and form changed during its development, jewelry and jewellery collectors determine the packaging according to their needs.

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