How Jewelers Create Brand Services Through Packaging Boxes
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How Jewelers Create Brand Services Through Packaging Boxes

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  Brand is the style and culture that your business represents. Building a brand from scratch requires considering many details, including your culture, design themes, products or services. For a start-up brand, it is very important to leave a good impression on customers, and the brand can strengthen product advertising and marketing through customized packaging boxes.


  Why is brand custom packaging box so important? According to a packaging study, 81% of consumers have tried something new because the packaging caught their eye. 63% of people will buy a product again because of its exquisite packaging appearance, and 52% of people will change brands because of the new packaging. This research clearly shows that branded boxes are an important way to market your products and acquire new customers.

How to Customize a Jewelry Box

  Jewelry packaging boxes are very important for both products and brands. Just imagine, if you spend a high price to buy a piece of jewelry, what form do you want it to appear in front of you? No matter what, most customers want the packaging box to match their product. If the jewelry packaging box is too cheap, it will reduce the perceived value of the product. This is not to say that every business needs to customize very high-end packaging boxes, but every business needs brand packaging that matches its aesthetic and demonstrates the value of its products.

velvet ring box

  Creating a visual brand starts with an iconic design, which can be an iconic color scheme or image that represents your brand. You also need to ensure that these iconic elements can be easily applied to the brand's packaging boxes, store design, and web design. If you need to update the original iconic design, you can also design the same theme based on the original design to make it easier for loyal customers to recognize your brand.

custom jewelry box

  When customizing the jewelry packaging box, you can incorporate the brand's iconic elements into it, and in addition, it can also be used as a key display. The most common way is to highlight key information through processes such as UV printing, hot stamping, and embossing.

clamshell jewelry box

  The brand service provided by jewelry packaging boxes is not only in its logo and design. The packaging boxes play a very important role in the customer's entire purchasing process. The customer's purchasing experience starts from the first time they understand your product, and they are loyal to the brand service provided by the brand to the customer.

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