How To Care for And Clean A Lacquered Jewelry Box
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How To Care for And Clean A Lacquered Jewelry Box

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lacquer jewelry box

How to maintain jewelry boxes?

1. If there are stains or other marks on the jewelry box, soak a clean cotton cloth and gently wipe the stained surface, and then wipe it with a dry cotton cloth to avoid moisture remaining on the surface of the material or penetrating into the jewelry box when wiping. Internal, affecting usage.

2. After cleaning and wiping, try to place the jewelry box in a well-ventilated place to dry to avoid damage to the material by sun exposure.

3. The mirror of the jewelry box should be wiped frequently with a soft cloth to keep the mirror bright. If there is a cloth layer on the surface of the jewelry box, the removable ones should be disassembled and cleaned, and the non-removable ones should be dusted and impurities removed.

4. The internal environment of the jewelry box must be kept dry and clean to avoid damage to the jewelry.

5. When not in use, try to store it separately to avoid material deformation after extrusion. When storing, keep away from acidic or corrosive liquids.

Jewelry box cleaning and maintenance knowledge

1. Wipe the jewelry box correctly and carefully, and do not scratch it with a work rag.

  When wiping the jewelry box, try not to use coarse cloth or old clothes that are no longer worn as a rag, so as not to damage the varnish on the surface of the jewelry box. Coarse cloth, threaded cloth or stitches, buttons, etc. will cause scratches on the surface of the jewelry box. If possible, avoid using it as much as possible.

  It is also forbidden to use a dry rag when maintaining jewelry. Firstly, it is difficult to wipe away the dust on the surface with a dry rag. Secondly, dust is composed of fiber, sand and silica. A dry rag is easily damaged by the friction back and forth. If the paint surface of the jewelry box is damaged, although these scratches are very small and even invisible to the naked eye, over time, the surface of the jewelry box will become dull. The correct way is to use towels, cotton cloth, cotton fabrics or French Wipe gently with a velvet cloth or other absorbent cloth.

2. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

  Many people find that part of the water has not dried after wiping the jewelry box, so they put it in the sun in the hope of drying it quickly. In fact, this approach is very stupid, because most jewelry boxes are made of wooden jewelry boxes. After being cooled by water, light and heat, thermal expansion and contraction will cause the appearance of the jewelry box to become deformed, or even the skin to peel off, which will greatly reduce the service life and appearance of the jewelry box.

3. Do not use soapy water, detergent or water to clean the jewelry box.

  Many people use soapy water, dishwashing liquid or water to clean jewelry boxes. In fact, this behavior is not advisable because cleaning products such as soapy water and dishwashing liquid cannot effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the jewelry box, and cannot remove dust. The silica sand particles in front of the light, and because they are corrosive, will damage the surface of the jewelry box and make the paint surface of the jewelry box dull. If the wet cloth is used to control the pull, there will be too much residual moisture, which is often easy to cause moisture. Penetrating into the wood will also cause the wood to become moldy or partially deformed, shortening the service life of the jewelry box.

  People need to use correct methods when maintaining jewelry boxes to extend the service life of the jewelry box.

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