Take You To Understand The Gift Box Hot Stamping Process
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Take You To Understand The Gift Box Hot Stamping Process

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  As a special printing technology that does not require ink, hot stamping is environmentally friendly, clean, and is suitable for various materials such as plastics, glass, and paper. It is loved by the public because of its unique surface decoration effect, and its unique surface decoration comes from hot stamping paper.

  Thermal pad printing technology, commonly known as hot stamping, is a special printing process that does not use ink. It uses a certain pressure and temperature to use a template installed on the hot stamping machine to press the printed matter and hot stamping foil against each other in a short time. The metal foil or pigment foil is transferred to the surface of the printed matter according to the image and text of the hot stamping template.

  Standardly speaking, hot stamping refers to the thermal pad printing process of hot stamping electrochemical aluminum hot stamping foil (hot stamping paper) onto the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure.


  The printing surface can have multiple colors of metallic patterns at the same time, and different hot stamping effects can also be combined. In addition to its surface decoration function, hot stamping also plays an important role in preventing counterfeiting.

Hot stamping knowledge


1) Hot stamping products on the entire surface without ink residue;

2) No unpleasant smell such as ink, no air pollution;

3) The color pattern is stamped in one step to reduce losses;

4) The process is simple, the production management and process operations are smooth, and the product quality insurance factor is large;

5) Wide processing range, suitable for paper, wood, plastic, leather, etc.


1) It is not suitable for hot stamping substrates with uneven or matte surfaces;

2) Metal, glass, ceramic, nylon and other products are generally not suitable for hot stamping unless they are first painted or screen printed;

3) Matching of pattern color and workpiece background color: During hot stamping, the color of anodized aluminum (gold, silver, copper, inner red, inner blue) has a strong hiding power, and even if the background color of the workpiece is black, it can be completely covered; however, When using transfer paper with lighter colors such as white or yellow on a black background for hot stamping, the covering effect is not as good as pad printing or screen printing.

Hot stamping process

Main equipment and materials

  Hot stamping mainly uses heating and pressure to transfer patterns or text to the surface of the material being stamped. To complete this process, the hot stamping machine heats the template (such as zinc plate, copper plate, etc.) engraved with special words or patterns to a certain temperature and the pressure required to ensure the complete transfer of the hot stamping foil, and maintains it for the corresponding time. However, it should be noted that for different hot stamping materials, different types of anodized aluminum foil must be selected, and the appropriate temperature, pressure and hot stamping time must be adjusted and controlled during operation to ensure the ideal hot stamping effect.

  The equipment and materials used in the hot stamping process mainly include the following: hot stamping machines, hot stamping rubber sheets, hot stamping rubber molds, hot stamping wheels, foil cutting machines, hot stamping paper, rubber sheets, rubber rollers and other hot stamping materials and auxiliary materials.

Influencing factors

  In the hot stamping process, it should be noted that the appropriate hot stamping foil must be selected according to the different types of objects to be hot stamped. Hot stamping foil should use paper, ink (especially black ink), kerosene, and compound glue with suitable properties. The hot stamping parts must be kept dry to avoid oxidation or damage to the hot stamping layer; temperature, pressure, and hot stamping must be controlled during hot stamping. The three-way cooperation of printing speed varies according to the hot stamping material and hot stamping area; the speed and direction of the turning tool should be mastered when cutting; the hot stamping foil must be protected from pressure, moisture, heat and sun when stored. Place in a cool and ventilated place.

  There are many factors that affect the quality of hot stamping. In addition to the hot stamping foil and hot stamping plate introduced above, hot stamping temperature, pressure, speed, equipment, substrate, operating technology, environmental factors, etc. are also important influencing factors.

  Correctly grasping the hot stamping suitability is the key to improving the quality of hot stamping. The so-called hot stamping suitability refers to the matching between the model selection of anodized aluminum and the hot stamping speed, temperature, pressure and other factors.

  When equipment and other hardware are fixed, correctly grasping the hot stamping suitability is the most important means to improve the quality of hot stamping. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct matching between different materials and various processes before hot stamping, and to pay attention to the application of new technologies and methods.

  For example, direct hot stamping on the surface of UV varnish has very high requirements for UV varnish and hot stamping anodized aluminum. When applying varnish, attention should be paid to controlling the amount of oil and trying to ensure that the entire batch of products is coated with varnish. The cloth is relatively stable, and the oil layer should be thin and flat; for the anodized aluminum used for hot stamping, it is required to be high temperature resistant, have good adhesion, and have good hot stamping suitability with varnish (all the varnish contained in the varnish) The type of resin used matches the hot melt adhesive in hot stamping anodized aluminum). Among all products, this process has a smaller scope of application. In addition, hot stamping of anodized aluminum on gold, silver ink and matte oil also affects the hot stamping surface. It has very high requirements for hot stamping anodized aluminum. If the ink particles on the hot stamping surface are large or the surface is rough, it will directly affect the normal progress of hot stamping.


  Stamping pictures and texts have a dazzling and magnificent visual effect, which can turn stones into gold and add the finishing touch. Now they are widely used in various industries such as textiles and clothing, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, paper, plastics, gifts and handicrafts. .

  The products processed through the hot stamping process not only have clear and beautiful patterns, bright and eye-catching colors, are wear-resistant, weather-resistant, etc., they are also enough to improve the quality of the product, more in line with the trend of the times, and at the same time in line with today's industrial concept of environmental protection, it has become a an international fashion trend.

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