9 Packaging Design Methods That Open Up New Ideas
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9 Packaging Design Methods That Open Up New Ideas

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  The methods of packaging design are diverse, varying from person to person, product to product, creativity to creativity, material to material, need to need, era to era, condition to condition, and taste to taste. It is difficult to define a fixed pattern. With the development of packaging science, the level of packaging design continues to rise, and various packaging design methods emerge. Some common design methods include:

  1. Series Method:The series method is one of the most commonly used design methods in packaging. It involves transitioning from individual designs to a series design, meeting the needs of product development and consumer and market competition. It focuses on creating different packaging treatments for the same product in terms of form, name, color, shape, material, and combination, forming a series that satisfies various consumer needs.

  2. Biomimicry Method:Biomimicry involves designing packaging based on the image, structure, function, color, material, texture, and effects of living organisms (animals, plants, or the human body). The goal is to give consumers a sense of life, vitality, and energy, enticing their desire to purchase and stimulating buying behavior.

  3. Antique Imitation Method:Antique imitation involves reproducing old, historically significant things on packaging to satisfy people's nostalgia for ancestors and past lives. Well-known, historically significant items are emphasized in packaging design to achieve prominent social and economic effects.

  4. Combination Method:The combination method focuses on the convenience of consumer consumption and use, rather than the product and packaging itself. It allows products that were originally sold separately to be bundled and sold as sets, opening new channels for manufacturers to expand sales.

  5. Radiation Method:The radiation method expands outward from a central color or packaging form, structure, material, functionality, or appeal, creating a circular series. This method results in numerous packaging forms for the same product, meeting a wide range of customer needs.

  6. Correspondence Method:The correspondence method involves designing packaging that corresponds to the image, form, color, material, texture, and pattern of the product. It establishes a relationship between the packaging and the product, creating an immediate association for the customer.

  7. Optimization Method:The optimization method, also known as "selecting the best," involves brainstorming several design concepts, comparing, analyzing, selecting, and synthesizing them to find the optimal solution. The criteria for optimization depend on factors such as product quality, form, target market, sales objectives, and environmental conditions.

  8. Development Method:The development method emphasizes opening up thinking and tapping into creative potential. It encourages designers to explore various approaches, discover problems, analyze them, consider factors, conduct reliable research, and find solutions.

  9. List Method:The list method involves recording various factors related to packaging design in a list format during the overall design conceptualization process. The list can be a general list or a specific item list.

  While these packaging design methods are complex, they represent only a fraction of the diverse and innovative design methods available. Every packaging design professional has their own work habits and thinking styles, and it is not necessary to strictly follow these methods. Designers are encouraged to boldly innovate and create, as design is fundamentally a creative process.

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