How do you make your jewelry box commercial
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How do you make your jewelry box commercial

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 Brand jewelers add logos to their jewelry boxes. Many enterprises in the advertising stage will also be through the jewelry box customization to expand the publicity effect. For enterprises, how to choose customized jewelry boxes with commercial value? Then with Guanlin Xiaobian to understand it ~

1., Fabric Selection

  The material of the jewelry box is optional PU leather, with clear texture, rich texture, fine luster, and waterproof and anti-fouling, which can ensure that the color will not fade for many years. Jewelry box materials: yellow pear wood, red date wood, rosewood, are superior. Rosewood is not painted, pay attention to rosewood can not be equipped with scented jewelry, so as not to cover the smell of jewelry. High-quality fabrics, more reflect the level of the brand. Enhance the user experience.

2. LOGO Process Selection

  Brand jewelry box LOGO printing is very important, this is an intuitive way to reflect brand products. So choose the right LOGO process to enhance the beauty of the jewelry box. In gold. A metal plate is heated and foiled to imprint gold words or patterns on the print. Hot silver, the principle of the process and hot gold is basically the same, but the two materials selected have a certain difference in appearance: one has a golden luster, one has a silver luster. Embossing, embossing is an important process in the post-printing process of packaging, and it is a kind of embossing method without printing ink.

3. Appearance Design

  Pattern design should be combined with market demand, the user's love, but also to reflect the characteristics of the brand, so you need designers, spend a lot of effort, according to the company's jewelry box theme, to design. Can combine the current fashion trend elements, can also combine classic style.

  Guanlin packaging can be based on the needs of brand owners, careful selection of materials, careful design, to produce the current commercial value of the jewelry box. If you want to customize the jewelry box, welcome to negotiate. Efficient communication services to meet custom requirements.

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