Cosmetic print color box common materials and processes
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Cosmetic print color box common materials and processes

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1. Common materials for color boxes

  White cards, gold and silver cards, double copper paper, and Kraft paper.

White cardboard

  White cardstock: White cardstock is commonly divided into: blue and white single and double side copper cardstock, white copper cardstock, and gray copper cardstock. Single-layer or multi-layer combined paper made solely of bleached chemical pulping and completely sizing, suitable for printing and product packaging, with a general quantity of 150g/㎡ or more. The cardstock features elevated smoothness, excellent stiffness, neat appearance and excellent evenness.

  Gold and silver cardstock: Gold and silver cardstock uses a UV transfer technique where a rubber blanket is applied to the surface of a paper coated with a layer of UV oil, which is then transferred to the printed paper via a roller onto a laminated film or custom pattern.


Gold and silver cardboard

  Double-coated paper: refers to double-sided coated paper..  Double-sided coated paper is a type of coated paper, that is, double-sided coated, with excellent smoothness on both sides. Coated paper also includes single copper, cuprous, top gloss copper, artistic copper, etc.

Double copper paper

  Kraft paper: The surface of Kraft paper is typically rough and very steep in strength.. It is occasionally yellowish-brown in color.. The semi-bleached or completely bleached pulp is light brown, cream, or white.

Kraft paper

2, the common process of colouring boxes.

  Hot Stamped Silver: Hot Stamped Silver customers are assigned a location on gold, silver or other colors, and a LOGO of a gold stamped silver typically charges about $0.08 per color, or $0.15 - $0.2 per piece if it is a large area of hot stamped silver to receive.

  Local UV & Reverse UV: depending on the glazing requirements of the product, the trademark and packaging prints need to be highlighted for the local glazing coating, and the glazed pattern appears bright, vivid, and three-dimensional compared to the surrounding pattern, resulting in a unique artistic effect.  Typically, a local UV charge of 0.05 - 0.08 yuan per color box is required;

  hit: is the use of a convex plate in the case of pressure, the print of the surface has a three-dimensional feel, typically in white cards will be combined with hot gold, hot silver, UV uses this process, typically hit a color box is charged 0.05 /

  The printing press polishes the surface of a graphic print copy once with oil, creating a bright film layer that enhances the ink's optical resistance and improves heat and moisture resistance.  This process also serves to protect the imprint and beautify the product;  the process is low-priced, has no added cost, and is environmentally friendly in foreign countries.

 Polishing oil: refers to the process of hot pressing and cooling the finished product after the paper is dried by the hot pressing roller of the calender, which is a deep processing technology of glazing, which can make the coating more dense, smooth, and the ideal mirror effect of high gloss brightness. During this process, the sides of the colour boxes are prone to cracking in dry weather;;  generally, a polished oil-colored box costs 0.03 yuan per piece.

  Sanding: Sanding is a process by which the otherwise smooth surface of an object is rendered non-smooth, so that light rays strike the surface and form diffuse reflections.

  Embossing: This is a common processing technique for decorative packaging materials.. The embossing process involves using moulds with concave and convex lines to create a certain pattern on the surface of decorative packaging materials.  this is achieved by subjecting the material (PVC, aluminum, wood, paper, etc.) to a specific combination of pressure and temperature, which results in deformation.  you can categorize the embossing process into plate embossing and roller embossing.

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