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Gift packaging box commonly used materials

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  When customizing a packing box, it is highly critical to choose the right packing material for it, which needs to be related not only to the practicality of the box but also to the beauty of the box. Finding the right packaging material for your product will depend on several factors. For example: the size of the product, the type of product and the budget of the box, etc. The following is a brief introduction to the common materials of several wrapped gift boxes:

Gray board paper

  Grayboard paper is a type of cardboard made from recycled waste paper. Because of its toughness and toughness, the surface of the paper is smooth and delicate, and is not prone to deformations and other characteristics. It is also very popular in the packaging industry. Greyplate paper is highly plastic and can be engineered into a variety of novel structures, such as:

  Heaven and Earth Cover Boxes-The great feature of a heaven and earth cover box is that it is extremely strong and solid, that it is simple in its construction, that it is easy to form and standardize, and that it is possible to replace manual labor with mechanical equipment..As a result, brands love it more..For example, the packaging for Apple phones and La Mer face creams both feature a heaven-and-earth structure.

  Folding Boxes - As the name suggests, a folding box is a general term for all folding packaging. The biggest feature of the folding box is that it saves space for transport.  Numerous overseas customers of Xinpai Custom Packaging Boxes will choose the folding box type.. In addition, for clothing, gift boxes, and additional post-packaged items, the option of folding boxes can also save storage space in the store.

  Special-shaped boxes-Special-shaped boxes are a general term for packing boxes other than the traditional square box, and do not have a fixed shape.. Special shaped boxes are more artistic than regular square boxes. As a result, it can effectively catch the eye of potential customers through its appearance.

  In addition to the extreme plasticity of its construction, the surface of the urn can be pasted with a variety of lovely papers, such as: pearl paper, art paper, embossed paper, coated paper, white cardboard, velvet cloth, binding cloth, suede, etc.

  The structural design of the cardboard boxes is similar to that of the grayboard boxes, except that the cardboard boxes are not as robust in terms of pressure resistance as the grayboard boxes..Cardboard boxes are also one of the very common gift box materials on the market, such as: SK II Essences Water Box, Armani Lipstick Box, etc., all of which use cardboard materials..There are numerous types of cardstock, the common ones being white, black, gold and silver.

Corrugated paper

  Corrugated paper is mostly used as a transport box material due to its low cost, light weight, easy handling, enhanced strength, excellent printing adaptability, and easy storage and handling..Although corrugated paper is seldom used in gift boxes, it is not absolute, as in the case of Taihu Snow's home-textured gift boxes, in which corrugated material is used and its appearance is not lost in the case of the urns and card boxes.

  Product packaging boxes are one of the best ways to create an emotional connection with customers and drive product sales. Gift boxes are packaged to protect the goods, but are also delicate and sweet. Consequently, brands should consider the characteristics of different packaging materials when selecting packaging materials.

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