How Does A Beautiful Custom Gift Box Come into Being?
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How Does A Beautiful Custom Gift Box Come into Being?

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  The gift box is part of the product. It is the direct conveyor of product and brand messages. Consumers can use the outer packaging of the gift box to demonstrate the product's advantages and features to customers, which plays a role in promotion and communication, thereby gaining the benefit of the product's sales. As a result, numerous manufacturers are aware of this truth and have begun to pay attention to the gift box packaging design of their products, and custom gift boxes are a great way to find a packaging design that suits their products.

With customization, you can differentiate yourself from the cookie-cutter packaging designs on the market and create a design that fits your own product brand. So what's the process of customizing a gift box?? How did an exquisitely tailored gift box come into being?? Here are the answers for you.

1. Design

  The first step is to select and design the gift box style based on the product and brand characteristics, establish the design packaging theme, and then select the color pattern, material and printing process. Excellent designs can make gift boxes look lovely, special and generous, while building brand identity, making them easier for consumers to remember and boost sales.

  The essential purpose of packaging is for commercial communication and sales, so the top priority of the design is to highlight the features of the product and brand and place them in a prominent central location in the packaging..For example, logos and product points can be added with three-dimensionality and sophistication through the silver foil process, which can capture the customer's attention at a glance..The color pattern depends on the color of the product. A proper gift box packaging should ensure that the packaging is consistent with the product. Maintaining unity and uniqueness is the criterion for measuring the quality of the gift box.

2. Proofing

  Custom gift boxes frequently require proofreading of designed samples to ensure consistent color and quality at a cost of mass production.

3. Production

  After proofing, mass production can be carried out based on the gift box samples. The first step is to make a plate. Select the color plate to be made based on the appearance of the customized gift box, as gift boxes typically consist of several colors..Several colors are several plates, and one spot color is one plate..The second step is to choose the paper..The paper in common use is a double copper and grey plate..They are good for gift wrapping paper because they are not prone to blistering and are strong enough to protect the goods and ensure their quality.

 The third step is to perform surface treatment. Processing techniques such as matte glue, varnish, etc., add perspective effects to the surface of the gift box, making it look more lovely and three-dimensional. The fourth step is mold cutting, which is an essential step in the entire printing process. It makes or breaks a product at a later stage. The mold must be accurate, otherwise it will affect subsequent processing. The end result is a glued-on half-finished product.. After the glue is applied, a lovely gift box is ready and the production process is complete.

  The above is an explanation of the process of customizing a gift box. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be pleased to answer your questions. Thanks for reading and staying tuned!

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