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More popular gift box structure

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book type box

  Now that people are demanding higher standards of living, stylish and convenient, simple but not yet polite, boutique gift-box packaging is creeping into our sights, gaining favor, and the variety of boutique gift-box packaging is overwhelming. For the packaging design of certain appliances and machines, the box must be square to protect the safety of the appliance. 

   A specialist manufacturer targets an additional customer.  There is also high-end alcohol and tobacco, as well as some tiny handicrafts and trinkets, so the goods need to be packaged and marketed, and well-designed goods for sales and brand building are extremely beneficial. Now people's requirements for living standards are getting higher and higher, fashionable and convenient, simple but not yet polite boutique gift box packaging gradually into our sight, get people's love, all kinds of boutique gift box packaging make people overwhelmed.

Here are some common gift-box forms:

1. The Open Window Gift Box

Boxes of this type are generally made of two materials, namely cardstock printing and transparent material. This design is convenient for us to present the product more intuitively in front of us and to increase the credibility of the product. It is commonly used in the packaging of food, toys and headphones.

2. Lid gift box

You can divide this type of gift box into a conjoined world cover consisting of two covers of the same size for the top and bottom, along with the bottom, side panels, back joint, ribbon, and additional.. The Heaven and Earth cover consists of an upper cover and a lower cover, a branch, etc. It is typically used for food gift box packaging, healthcare product gift box packaging, tea gift box packaging, etc., and has a relatively wide range of uses, but the process is relatively complex.

3. Book box

It consists of a panel and a bottom box, depending on the size of our product, to determine the size of the gift box packaging, which is relatively simple but has a wide range of uses.

4. Drawer boxes

The packaging is similar to the shape of a drawer, the cover and box body are two-layered structures that can be removed, and the structure is firm and not easily damaged.  It can be divided into two levels, high and low.

5. Folding box

It consists of two parts, the shell and the baffle. Be careful about the size of this type of box, the height of the box should not be greater than half the length or width. It can be laid flat to save shipping space and is commonly accompanied by magnets, blisters and double-sided tape.

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