What Details Should You Pay Attention To When Customizing Handbags?
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What Details Should You Pay Attention To When Customizing Handbags?

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  Customized handbags are packaging bags used to promote products. Customized handbags can help you bring more benefits. When designing handbags, we must take into account the characteristics of the handbag printing process. What issues should we pay attention to? Today Shanghai Maihe Packaging will share with you what details you need to pay attention to when customizing handbags.

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1.The paper format needs to be taken into consideration. If the design draft is not in the appropriate format, it may cause extravagance and waste.

2. Choose appropriate paper. For example, single-sided coated paper should be used for color-printed handbags. The paper weight should be smaller. You can also use textured paper, egg-grained paper, glossy paper, etc. to make use of the texture effects of different paper surfaces. Most handbags are used outdoors, so in addition to durable paper, they also need ink that is not easy to fade.

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3. When preparing pictures for plate making, the size of the design draft should be enlarged or reduced in proportion to the original size, and unnecessary content in the picture can be processed.

4. Designers will have printing chromatograms in their hands to choose colors. Using four-color printing, using less spot colors will increase costs and avoid large areas of dark colors as background colors.

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5. Regarding the character series and the color of the characters, attention should be paid to imitating Song Dynasty characters with small series and should not be highlighted. Avoid using italics and small text. When using boldface characters, the series should not be too small. The text color on the light background cannot be reversed, and the text color on the dark background cannot be too dark.

6. The surface of the handbag should be decorated. When designing, you need to avoid using dark colors as the base color to avoid bubbles being generated during the mounting process, which will affect the overall effect. If you do the above points well, the handbags you design will be good.

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