What factors should be considered for custom watch boxes
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What factors should be considered for custom watch boxes

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  A cute watch case can highlight the top-end nature of the watch and give the customer a different feel. Packing boxes of watch products is also one of the highlights that attract customers when they visit a watch shop. So, what aspects should we consider when customizing the case?


1. Consider the safety and utility of a watch-case

  Safety should come first in any product packaging. Whether it is a merchant or a customer, the watch is left in the case when it is not worn. In order to ensure that the watch remains intact, special attention needs to be paid to the additional issues of moisture, shock, pressure, leakage, and the case.

2. Consider the human design of a watch-case.

 An excellent watch case design must accommodate the storage, transportation, display, carrying and opening of the watch by the consumer. Therefore, when designing a case, the proportions of the case structure must be reasonable, and the type of case should be particular. The emphasis is on the beauty of the watchcase between shape and material. Packaged boxes with heavy-duty structures and features and attractive looks are really valuable to attract consumers and sales.


3. Production of packaging boxes

  Custom watch packaging boxes need to be considered for their size, production speed, production efficiency, cost, etc. Any problem with any of these will result in the product not being able to be properly launched and sold within the expected time.

4. Promotional features of the Watch Box

  Packaging boxes can play the role of watch promotions. The gift box should be able to capture the consumer's attention, stimulate the consumer's desire to buy, and meet the consumer's diversified psychological needs.

5. The conservation of the watch box

  Environmental protection is an issue that must be considered in every product box. While considering the beauty and practicality of the box, it is also necessary to consider whether the material is not harmful to human health and does not pollute the environment, as only then can we win the trust of our customers and be their final choice.


  Although, customers take the look of watch case decorations very seriously.. But looking good is not enough. An excellent creative package should meet product and brand promotion and add-on features.

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