What Issues Should Be Paid Attention To in Brand Packaging Design?
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What Issues Should Be Paid Attention To in Brand Packaging Design?

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  When consumers buy products, they usually start with packaging, so the importance of brand packaging becomes obvious. So, what kind of brand packaging design is good? Good packaging design needs to consider whether it can attract consumers to purchase the product. And what about achieving the goal of selling something? Can brand packaging designers design packaging that impresses consumers and sells goods? The design process of brand packaging will be explained in detail below to ensure that designers can work according to market needs.

  First of all, it is necessary to conduct research on the industry, collect the packaging design of competing products in the entire industry, and understand the brand packaging design of each competitor. Then, provide a thorough description of the competing product's design. This is an important reference for both customers and graphic designers when designing packaging and is indispensable work.

  Secondly, release the packaging design plan for the project, which should be based on market competition packaging design and customer opinions. The advertising company (or planning company) is required to publish the plan based on comprehensive opinions as a valuable project document to guide the designer's work.

  After completing the above two tasks, you need to brainstorm through brainstorming. While this step may not matter to a good designer or planner, it is still necessary for most companies. This industry is one where talent and effort are equally important, and for most companies, this step is the planner of the company plan. Packaging ideas should be compiled into a manuscript, which serves as a graphic form for the designer and the plan to realize the brand value together. Thus, the first draft of the packaging design was born.

But does this mean the entire package design job is complete? Is it ok to think so if the client agrees?

  For a professional creative agency, this is impossible. To be accountable to customers, there is the additional step of conducting market testing experiments.

  Brand packaging design requires market testing experiments. Because brand packaging determines the success of terminal sales to a certain extent. Therefore, it is necessary to consider consumer color preferences, the popularity of package sizes, and the communication of the product's brand value on the packaging. This test needs to be completed by the advertising company (or planning company) in cooperation with the client. After meeting the conditions, it is best to enter the supermarket and conduct actual sales tests to test consumers' preference for the product. Therefore, comprehensive measurements are necessary, including testing in a virtual sales state (non-purchase test) and an actual sales state (purchase test).

  After completing the above stages, consideration will be given to completing the packaging design cycle. If the design becomes more popular, it can be put on the market. If the market doesn't accept it, improvements need to be made.

  For the fourth step of market testing, many companies do not perform it when designing packaging. This is because they don’t take into account whether the packaging is popular or reasonably priced. They just follow the customer's packaging design. But price is also a key factor, otherwise the effect cannot be measured.

  For brand design and planning companies, the above is a complete process, coupled with the complete packaging design process, our results are controllable and measurable.

  However, it is strange that many companies do not pay attention to brand packaging design and just accept the existing design, which is a great pity. This lack of care can lead to unpredictable consequences. Why are we unwilling to invest more energy and money into good packaging design? I didn't want to lose focus on all consumers just to save the cost of a meal to provide a popular packaging design in the market. Such short-sighted decisions will affect market prospects.

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