What Makes A Good Gift Box?
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What Makes A Good Gift Box?

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What makes a good gift box?

Packaging gift box design

  The gift box is the bridge between the gift and the recipient. A good gift box can not only protect the gift, but also add weight to the gift. This article will introduce you in detail how to create a high-end and exquisite packaging gift box from three aspects of gift box design - appearance, structure and packaging materials.

1. Appearance design

1.1 Choose color

  Color is the key to gift box design. When designing a gift box, you must consider the nature of the gift you want to give, as well as the gender, age, and many other factors of the person you want to give it to. For different properties and objects, choose different colors to achieve better results.

1.2 Design pattern

  In the design process of gift boxes, pattern is a very important factor. Reasonable pattern design can make the gift box more exquisite. For some high-end brands, the pattern on the gift box is often one of the representatives of the brand. Therefore, the designed pattern must reflect the brand characteristics, and at the same time, attention should be paid to the coordination between the gift box and the gift.

1.3 Matching fonts

  Choosing the right font can make the gift box look more classy and textured. Generally speaking, choosing a font with good texture will have better effect. You can choose some fonts with more delicate strokes and more three-dimensional lines to increase the exquisiteness of the gift box.

2. Gift box structure design

2.1 Sliding lid gift box

  Sliding lid gift boxes are generally used for relatively noble and expensive gifts. Since the lid is a single piece, thicker cardboard should be chosen to ensure a better feel. You can consider adding a personalized pull tab or brand logo on the lid to increase the beauty and playability of the gift box.

2.2 Half-fold gift box

  The half-fold gift box is an economical and practical gift box with a relatively simple structure but excellent effect. The packaging of gift boxes, digital products, tea, etc. are often folded in half. The structure is relatively simple and beautiful, the cost is low, and the scope of application is wide.

2.3 Window type gift box

  The window-type gift box has a beautiful and novel appearance, and you can see the appearance of the gift inside, which increases the effect of the gift. Window-type gift boxes are suitable for small and exquisite gifts to highlight the sophistication and quality of the gift.

3. Selection of packaging materials

3.1 Paper materials

  Paper material is an integral part of gift box design. There are many types of paper materials on the market, such as colored paper, pearlescent paper, cardboard, etc. Different paper materials have different feel, color, strength and other characteristics, and it is necessary to make a choice based on the effect required by the specific gift box.

3.2 Satin material

  Satin materials are mainly used in the packaging of high-end gift boxes. Satin has a very delicate texture and high gloss, which not only makes the gift box look more upscale and refined, but also protects the gift and prevents friction between the gift and the gift box.

3.3 PU material

  PU material is a leather imitation that looks like real leather but is low cost. PU material is soft, strong, wear-resistant and waterproof, and is often used in the processing of high-end gift boxes, leather goods, bags and other products.


  In gift box design, appearance, structure and packaging materials are three indispensable links. How to choose colors, design patterns, and match fonts; how to choose the structure of a gift box, considering the differences between sliding-lid gift boxes, folding gift boxes, and window-opening gift boxes, as well as the occasions when different structures are suitable; paper materials, satin materials, PU materials, etc. It has characteristics and needs to be selected according to the specific product. Only when all aspects are in place can a high-end and exquisite packaging gift box be created.

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