What styles of USB packaging boxes are there?
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What styles of USB packaging boxes are there?

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  USB memory is used to store important files, pictures, videos, etc. It is also a common tool for office workers and students. U disks, which are convenient for storing important content, have gradually become a customized gift product for companies. Generally, what type of box is needed for this type of USB packaging box? The following introduces you to the common packaging box types.


  1,The first type is a high-end customized USB tinplate box. Made through frosting process, the advantage is that it has strong anti-oxidation, which can ensure the service life of the iron box. It also has high strength and is not easy to deform. The box mouth of the curling process has a high degree of fit and good sealing. . It is a good choice to make a high-end USB flash drive packaging box for gift giving. The rectangular size of the packaging box can be customized, with laser engraving of the company's logo, company contact information, four-color printing with rich patterns and colors, screen printing, etc. The memory can hold sponge and pearl cotton, which is convenient for storing USB. Customers with customized requirements can communicate with the customization company.

USB,packaging box

 2, The second type is ordinary PET packaging box. There are cost-effective USB packaging boxes. Although they are cheap, they use high-quality sheets. The transparent packaging products are also highly explosion-proof and wear-resistant. PET plastic boxes can provide a variety of special printing effects, such as frosted, metallic, cloth, leather, etc.


  3,The third type, wooden USB packaging box. This type of wooden USB packaging box is also very textured. Generally, the better quality wooden packaging boxes are made of environmentally friendly MDF. The wood is hard, has good resistance to pressure and falls, is highly practical, and can also be moisture-proof, insect-proof, and protective. U disk works well. Special processes can also be used on wooden packaging boxes to print company brand logos, contact information, etc. The inner support is generally made of EVA material, which is environmentally friendly and shockproof. The company's custom-made packaging boxes can also reflect its attentive attitude, so it's no problem to give them as gifts.

custom wooden usb box

  4,The fourth paper USB packaging box. Made of paper material, which may be cardboard or special paper. The design is simple and beautiful, and usually has the size and shape of a USB flash drive to ensure that the USB flash drive can fit inside the box. Printing: The box may be printed with brand logo, product model, company information, etc. Structure: Generally folded or assembled structure is used to facilitate opening and closing. To protect the USB drive from damage, the box may also be equipped with foam pads or other protective materials inside. As environmental awareness increases, some manufacturers may use degradable or recyclable paper materials. This box effectively protects USBs from damage and provides a convenient way to display and store USBs.

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