4 Ways To Test The Strength of Gift Packaging Boxes
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4 Ways To Test The Strength of Gift Packaging Boxes

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  In packaging design, the visual impact of gift boxes can leave a lasting first impression on customers. In addition to this, the quality of the packaging box, such as structural integrity, sturdiness, and durability, are crucial factors influencing the customer's initial perception of the brand. After all, gifts may undergo various adverse transportation conditions before reaching the customer's hands. When customizing packaging boxes, various tests can be conducted to assess the quality of the packaging.

   Drop Test Whether a product is sold in physical stores or online, it is inevitable that the product may fall from a height. Therefore, drop testing is essential. During drop testing, the product is placed inside the packaging box, and multiple drop tests are conducted from different directions and heights to assess the packaging's resilience and its impact on product integrity. The drop height during testing depends on the weight of the product itself.

Carton Weight Drop Height

1-9 kg 76 cm

10-18 kg 61 cm

19-27 kg 46 cm

28-45 kg 30 cm

46-68 kg 20 cm


  Compression Test Conducting a compression test helps determine the maximum load-bearing capacity of the packaging box. When products are stored in warehouses or transported, they are often stacked. Weak compression resistance of the packaging box may lead to product damage due to compression. The structure and material of the packaging box can impact its overall load-bearing capacity, and special attention should be paid to the compression test for fragile items and luxury goods.


  Vibration Test Products may experience shaking during transportation, and a vibration test measures the product's performance under such conditions. It simulates the types of vibrations that gift packaging may experience during transportation, such as those in trucks or airplanes. These vibrations may lead to separation at seams or damage to the product due to impact against the packaging. For fragile items like glass or valuable items like jewelry, adding lining to the packaging can prevent losses caused by friction due to vibrations.

  Waterproof Test During the rainy season in the southern hemisphere, the humidity in the air is very high, making items prone to moisture. As a brand, it is essential for us to conduct waterproof tests on packaging boxes to reduce the impact of moisture on products. Applying oil or film coating to packaging boxes can effectively waterproof and prevent moisture. We can simulate rain and specific seasons to test gift packaging boxes, ultimately determining the waterproof effectiveness of the packaging.


  The strength of gift packaging boxes directly influences customers' perception of the brand. The higher the quality of the gift packaging box, the more confident customers will feel in purchasing your brand. On the other hand, gift packaging boxes also directly affect customers' perceived value of the product. Through the aforementioned four methods, I can better test the strength and quality of packaging boxes.

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