Four Major Advantages of Digital Printing
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Four Major Advantages of Digital Printing

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  Offset and digital printing both hold significant places in the printing industry. Their differences highlight the varying needs of businesses of different sizes when it comes to packaging printing. Although offset printing has long been the preferred method for printing packaging boxes, there are many instances where packaging box manufacturers opt for digital printing. But why is that? Let's explore the advantages of digital printing and the situations where packaging suppliers might choose this method.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

  Digital printing is a digitized printing technology that can directly print computer files onto the substrate. Its biggest feature is that it can start printing with just one sheet, without the need for plate making. For small businesses, the demand for packaging boxes is not very high, and the high minimum order quantity of offset printing is not suitable for small-batch custom packaging. Therefore, digital printing becomes the preferred printing method for small orders. Besides packaging boxes, it can also be used to print flyers, commemorative albums, and more.

More Cost-Effective

  Compared to offset printing, digital printing does not require plate making before printing, making it more cost-effective for short-run printing. When errors occur in printing, re-creating the plates can be very costly, whereas digital printing, which does not require plate making, can promptly correct errors and minimize losses.

Faster Speed

  The setup for offset printing is very complex, requiring plate making, setting ink keys, and adjustments before printing. On the other hand, the pre-press setup process for digital printing is minimal, significantly reducing initial setup time. Consequently, the printing speed is also noticeably faster, which is particularly beneficial when quick delivery is required.

Environmentally Friendly

  While industrial development is generally positive, if the relationship between production growth and resource/environmental protection and ecological balance is not well managed, it can have negative impacts. Digital printing machines can minimize the emission of air pollutants, and there is no excess ink waste during the printing process.

  For small to medium-sized enterprises with lower printing demands, digital printing is definitely an excellent choice. However, if the colors used for your product packaging boxes are Pantone colors, offset printing would be more suitable.

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