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How To Design Paper Packaging Box

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Perfume carton

1. Changing the three-dimensional size method

  This method is mainly suitable for products with variable packaging forms, such as granular, strip, powder, small pieces, paste, liquid, combinable shapes and other products. As long as the one-dimensional, two-dimensional or three-dimensional dimensions of this type of product are changed, the shape of the packaging container can undergo new changes.

2. Change the placement form of packaging containers

  According to the functional characteristics of the product, change the original form of the packaging and change the placement form of the packaging when conditions permit. For example, changing from vertical to horizontal or horizontal to vertical will not only change the visual form of the packaging, but also give consumers a novel visual experience by changing the visual form of several decorative surfaces.

3. Addition and subtraction of packaging display surfaces

  When the functional characteristics and form of the packaging product allow, and if the protective function and molding process of the product are not affected, the hexahedron of the container can be reduced to a pentahedron, the tetrahedron can be increased to an octahedron, etc. This method of addition and subtraction can produce a completely new styling experience.

4 Angle-cutting and surface-increasing method

  When the functional characteristics, shape, etc. of the packaging product allow, the paper-based modeling method can be used to cut corners and shape the six-sided rectangular packaging or other packaging shapes. After cutting the corners, the linear shape will be added to change the direction of the lines. Increasing the packaging surface can change the size ratio of the surface and create a unique packaging carton shape.

5 Comparison of the straightness of the main body of packaging containers

  In packaging design, there are two main factors that affect the shape of the container, one is the linear shape, and the other is the surface shape. Changes in line shape will inevitably affect and produce changes in surface shape, thereby creating new shapes. Curves and straight lines are two types of lines with different personalities and feelings. They have a strong contrasting relationship. Curves and straight lines should be fully used in packaging shapes. Straight contrast creates new packaging forms.

6 Box lid shape design

  The box lid is the door and window through which packaged goods come in and out. Therefore, the structure of the box lid must be convenient for loading and unloading the goods. The box lid cannot open by itself after the goods are loaded. It can protect the goods and is easy to open during use. There are many types of box lids, some have multiple opening functions, and some are disposable structures that can only be opened once and cannot be restored. The opening position is usually on the narrowest or widest side of the package. The former is used for small commodities and long-shaped commodities such as soap, film, and whiskey, while the latter is mostly used for pastries, clothing, etc. The box area is large and all commodities can be seen after opening.

7 Design of the bottom of the folding carton box

  The first thing to consider when designing the bottom of a carton is the protection of the contents, that is, what kind of cardboard is made of what kind of structure and what kind of carton is used so that the product can safely reach the hands of consumers. Secondly, the structure of the bottom of the box should be simple, otherwise it will be difficult to adapt to the mechanized production of packaging. Its general design principle is to ensure strength while striving for simplicity.

8 Portable carton shape design

  This method mainly involves adding handles to the package and designing it into a portable package, which greatly changes the overall shape of the package. The design of this type of packaging must be based on the weight and size of the product and the consumer target. The position of the handle is mainly determined by the weight and shape of the contents. Generally, the shape, structure and size of the handle should conform to the shape of the human hand when holding it. The structural size can also be formed separately from the carton. There are many shapes of portable packaging, which should be considered according to the different packaging main shapes and product characteristics. In the design, the strength of the handle must be paid attention to. The incisions should be rounded to avoid tearing due to concentration of gravity. Also consider The structure can be flattened before unpackaged goods for easy transportation and storage, and the handle can be folded and flattened after packaging without affecting stacking.

9 Combination packaging design

  Combination packaging can be based on different usage requirements, packaging several products of the same variety, different specifications or different varieties but related uses, or packaging several small packaging products together according to sales volume requirements, etc. Reasonably and stably packed in a carton. Simply put, combination is to package multiple individual products into a whole, improve the shape of product packaging, promote sales and facilitate counting, etc. The combined series shape is suitable for some small and exquisite products that can be sold in pairs or hanging. This kind of packaging mainly uses the packaging structure design to make the original single-form packaging use a paper folding method to connect the small unit packages together, so that The overall shape of the packaging has undergone major changes.

10 Design of window display box

  Window cartons are a packaging style that allows you to see the shape and color of the product without opening the package, fully displaying part or all of the contents to facilitate identification of the contents. The size, shape and location of the window opening must be designed according to the characteristics and picture of the product. When designing skylight packaging, attention should be paid to the shape changes of the skylight so that it can express the main characteristics of the interior products. It allows consumers to see the packaged items at a glance, making it easier to purchase, and plays the role of displaying products, promoting products and introducing themselves to products.

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