What Kind of Paper Is Better for Custom Gift Packaging Boxes?
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What Kind of Paper Is Better for Custom Gift Packaging Boxes?

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  What kind of paper is best for packaging box design? Paper, a highly malleable material, is widely used and mature in the packaging industry. The use of paper is quite common, both in terms of design and processing, which makes it relatively easier for production companies to save costs on product packaging. There are many types of paper that can be considered in the design process. For example, ordinary cardboard and gray cardboard can be used for packaging boxes. Although these papers have rough surfaces, they are sturdy and durable, making them suitable for box linings. Additionally, a layer of glue or copperplate paper can be added to the outside, creating a packaging box that is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

  Packaging design for gift boxes can also utilize 128g double copperplate paper, which is of higher quality and is commonly used for the outer packaging of more expensive products. This type of paper allows for exquisite printing on the outer packaging. For instance, some high-end products may feature intricate patterns or artistically redesigned typography, which can be printed on double copperplate paper. Moreover, it supports double-sided embossing printing, resulting in exceptionally attractive effects. This paper can even be used for anti-counterfeiting printing, leaving consumers with a strong sense of quality.

  Using 157g double copperplate paper to create packaging gift boxes is also a good choice. This type of paper is relatively thick and has a smooth surface texture, making it the most common choice for high-end gift boxes. Additionally, 200g double copperplate paper can be selected, although this may increase the printing cost of the packaging. However, it allows for various patterns and matte effects on the surface, presenting excellent artistic results.

  That concludes the discussion on what paper to use for packaging design gift boxes. Of course, with the continuous maturation of paper processing industry technology, many other types of paper can be used for designing and producing gift boxes. These papers are cost-effective and can create visually appealing, practical, and unique gift packaging boxes.

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